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Granite Key LLC*


I'm Ready to Make a Match!*

Granite Key LLC

A Leasing & Management Company

Serving the Wichita Metro Area

Phone: 316-871-8197 


Snailmail: PO Box 781753, Wichita, KS 67278-1753

Hours of Operation:

M-F: Is There An End to Matchmaking?

Sat: Upon Request | Pretty Much Always

Sun and Special Holidays: Closed for Family Time!

Feel free to get in touch using the form to the left!  We look forward to hearing from property owners and renters alike!

We are almost always open - (maybe with just one eye open at times). Snailmail, Call, Text, Email or IM us online today! 

We are a real company with a virtual office since we come to you at your property. Besides, no one puts Granite Key in a corner, or an office, or in a box! :) 


Our Founder

We love making real estate matches into REAL relationships!

Kristen Williams


A home is a very important decision. Everyone needs somewhere to live. Reasons vary as to why a home is chosen, but often it's because of a 'right now' need. Renting fulfills this need, but once the contract is signed, is it truly a home?  Kristen noticed there was a great divide and disconnect between those offering, and those needing, a home to live, for whatever reason! Thus, an idea was born to let the matchmaking begin! Using her business, finance and real estate expertise, with a genuine care for others, Granite Key Leasing & Management was created to make owners earn better profits, while renters truly feel comfortable and enjoy their new home. Learn more about our founder online! Or just call her up and ask her yourself! 

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